Past Foreign Volunteers

We have been fortunate enough as to host a number of foreign volunteers from the occident. With the help of KRANICH AFRICA in Germany and New York Community College, we have had a pool of both German and American students passing through our institution. This is not to say that we have not had others from elsewhere. The list is long...ranging from U.K.'s Scotland  to Swiss Alps.

Then, ready to be a 'fresh-man' at the prestigious University of California in Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.) Ms Johnson Rose graced our organisation and left us with snap-shots that we shall cherish forever.

Fresh from ancient Pres. Nyerere's alumni (6th oldest English) University of Edinburgh, Scot Eilidh Campbell, joined us, introducing us to Social media world. She left us as bloggers and in the famous 'F/B'. To her we say "Thanks mate!"

Eilidh and Kim

Kimberly 'Kim' Popple is English and surely being 'all-smiles' was her cup of tea.

Kinyanjui Street, Ziwani Housing Estate