Water Dispenser for flores

Board Games Club

 Chess & Draughts


 Puzzles: Cross-words & Sudoku


Music & drama Club



Tailoring girls performing tradional song at function

Writers Club / Book Club

 Swopping of books


Children recieving Christmas Gifts

Lit World member 

Wild-life Club (4K Club)

 Excavation - Hiking / Mountain Climbing



Girls with their mom at the shamba

Racing Club


 Karting ‘Beta’


Racket Games




Antiques Collectors Club

 History Club

 Science Club

Cookery Club

 Oriental Cooking

Traditional foods

Yorghut making session 

Girls during a mentorship program

Talks / Debating Clubs:

  • Mentorship/Cross-generation linkage/interaction
  • Guest Speakers - Eminent persons

soap making session

Kinyanjui Street, Ziwani Housing Estate